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Saturday, March 21, 2020


Hello, Family!


How are your conversations going with your loved ones around the country? Are you hearing of confirmed COVID-19 cases among these dear ones? Maybe your heart is stirred to pray for medical workers, for others whose job brings them into exposure, for the millions who are losing their jobs or pay; maybe you are praying for our government leaders.  The opportunity for the spiritual exercises of prayer, of generosity, receiving the Lord’s Supper, hearing the Lord’s Word, and service abound.  Faith is always relevant! Times like this are like those two-a-day sessions for theater, band, or sport! Our Almighty God is our Head, Coach, and King!


The Lord is leading your leaders to create new and creative ways to engage in the spiritual disciplines mentioned above. Regarding the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion), many of you have already signed up for a slot or slots during Holy Week. If you have not yet, check out the ILC website and hit Communion Sign-up. A tutorial was sent out yesterday and earlier today. Call the church office if you run into challenges!


PZ sent this picture to help stir creativity among our leaders for methods of distribution. ;)



Regarding Daily Devotions, Website Master Rachelle Jeffery has created a link named Daily Devotions on the Homepage. Upon clicking this link, you will be taken to the Daily Devotion webpage of Lutheran Hour Ministries. I chose this link intentionally. While there are many very good devotionals available on the web, Lutheran Hour Ministries has resources aplenty for in-depth study, family/young adult/children’s devotions, singles, retirees, ETC.  I also have found the devotions to be very good. Another very strong daily devotion is available through Lutheran Church Charities which is the Leader for Comfort Dog Ministries. I listen to President Tim’s devotion almost daily. Here’s the link for their website:


Regarding Worship Ministries, a worship video has been posted on our church YouTube webpage. It is 15 minutes in length and will be available to watch tonight, tomorrow, or whenever desire. Those of you who subscribed should have received notification. For those that did not subscribe, do so and you will be ready for the next devotion. I intend to create a Children’s Message in the next couple days. I also have a few other ideas up my sleeve that you will find on our YouTube webpage. By the way, you can also reach our YouTube web page by hitting the Worship Link on Island Lutheran’s Home Page


As always, your prayers, and other expressions of partnership to include offerings bring encouragement and resources for the work our Lord has planned for us, Family. Please hold up President Terry and Head Elder Grant in your prayers… They are working many, many hours as our leaders.


Fondly in Jesus,

your pastor jeff

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