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Monday, March 23, 2020

Hello, Family!

Join me in celebrating PZ’s (aka Paul or Pastor Zimmerman) Birthday today! Ready, a one-a, a two-a, a…
“Happy Birthday to you…”. Yes, I watched the Lawrence Welk show every week as a boy. We love you, PZ!

I’m letting you know that I am posting a video on YouTube that is designed for children… It’s a Children’s
message for children of all ages! ;) Parents, please send me some feedback to help me as I create weekly

Children’s Messages:
• What emotions are your child/children facing?
• Are there special biblical/faith themes you think I should address that will benefit your children?
• I’m trying to not speak over the heads of the kids. It’s a challenging balance because we have toddlers
through adolescences. Are your children connecting? If not, what might we do differently?

The Children’s Message YouTube Posts will be titled as such so you are encouraged to invite others to view as
you see fit.
It’s good to be Family when we know our Father, our Brother, and the Spirit is with us. We are not alone.
You are not alone… Trust His Word!
Spend time in our Lord’s Word, talking to Him, and reaching out to others through phone, text, letters, and
other social media. And… you might even want to stretch or exercise a bit (see video).

Speaking of the video, I’ve been receiving humorous videos from some of you. Thanks a ton; I appreciate
laughing all the time, but especially in these challenging times. Keep sending them! I intend to share them
with our Family in future communications.
Finally, know your ILC Leaders are doing their best to serve our Lord and His people. They are grateful for your
partnership, support, and prayers. I continue to pass along your notes of encouragement. Thank you for
looking into ways to send your offerings! My wife and I are setting it up through bill pay in our bank account.

Have a blessed day, Family!
your pastor jeff


“Knowing and Sharing the Joy of Salvation through Jesus Christ.”

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