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March 26, 2020

Dear Family,
The Lord is with us! He is ALWAYS our Connection; this truth is especially important as we endure a time of physical separation as the Island Lutheran Family. Your Leadership Team, made up of President Terry, Head Elder Dave, and Pastor Jeff continue to meet regularly to ensure the ministries of our church family are led in a God pleasing manner. We pray. We discuss. We make decisions. We delegate. The intent of this communication is primarily updating you; however, we are requesting your help out in two specific areas: communication and entry into the church/preschool.

• Regarding communication, many good ideas are being brought forward through email and phone conversations. Please direct your ideas to President Terry and Head Elder Dave. Resist the temptation of calling the church office or sending Pastor Jeff notes.  Pastor’s focus is on Word Ministry, Sacrament Ministry, and Pastoral Care issues that arise. President Terry and Head Elder Dave are overseeing Connection Ministry and Financial Ministry. They are also best equipped through their history and connection to our ILC family to best support your ideas.
• Regarding entry into the church/preschool, no one should enter the building without permission from Terry or Dave. The goal is to provide a safe/sanitized environment and usage/entry into the church is only by permission.  Your Leadership Team has exciting updates to share in each of the Five Areas of Ministry outlined in previous Family Connection Updates. Take your time and read through each area at your leisure. Your prayers are coveted, as is your feedback/encouragement.

The Lord is with us! May His presence lift our spirits as we continue in our mission of “knowing and sharing the joy of salvation through Jesus Christ.”
Blessings in Christ,
Terry Nickerson, President
Dave Grandt, Head Elder
Jeff Dorth, Pastor

Sacrament Ministry
• Signups utilizing Signup Genius continue for the Lord’s Supper scheduled for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.  If you run into difficulties signing up, call Dave Grandt 843.298.3967 or Terry Nickerson 843.290.1041
• You may have been wondering if our building is safe. Significant steps are being taken.

1. The entire ILC building is in the process of being deep cleaned and sanitized with COVID 19 sanitizer on the 26th and 27th of March by ServPro. The deep cleaning includes carpet, tile concrete, pews, folding chairs, etc. and all upholstered surfaces. Thanks go out to the Trustees for taking care of this! See pictures below of the Sanitizing/Deep Cleaning.


2. Due to the South Carolina Code of Laws, we have changed our procedure to assure that there are only two individuals present for communion, in addition to Pastor Dorth, or Pastor Zimmermann. Although there have been some recent statements by the SC Attorney General that religious gatherings are exempt concerning the 3-person rule, we will maintain the rule for safety and health reasons.
3. The Elders or Service Coordinators will be outside the building, providing direction for families. All doors to the Narthex and Sanctuary will be open, so no one will need to touch the door handles.
4. All other necessary hygienic practices remain in place. During this entire process, we ask all communicants to maintain a six-foot social distance, and we encourage all communicants to sanitize themselves before and after communion. An offering basket and hand sanitizer will be set up in the Narthex.


Word Ministry
• Check out the Daily Devotion Link on the ILC web page!
• Look for this weekend’s Worship Service which will be posted on the church YouTube page this Saturday evening. A reminder will be sent out on Saturday.
• Regarding the Worship Service, join your Leaders in giving thanks to Alex Perri and his production team from Show Services. They brought professional equipment, as well as their expertise, and partnered with us in creating a video service.
• Look for other videos (Children’s Message/Devotional) created by Steve White and Pastor Jeff over the next couple weeks

Family Connection Ministry
• Our goal: ILC Family members have a meaningful connection on a weekly basis during our time of separation.
• The Family Connection group structure feature two expressions:
o 12 groups have been established from the combination of existing groups.
o 4 Elder groups have been formed from individuals who are not currently in
existing groups.

• The leaders and Elders of these teams now have their rosters and will begin the process of calling group members to ensure that all of our Family are contacted each week to check in, share encouragement, retrieve important information to be passed along to the Leadership Team, and pray.
• One hundred seventy-nine members of the ILC Family will benefit from their
connection to one of these groups through this ministry in theory.
• If you do not receive a phone call from your group leader or elder, please call Dave Grandt 843.298.3967 or Terry Nickerson 843.290.1041

Financial Ministry
• We need to continue to maintain a strong financial position, therefore, all of us need to step up in faith so we can support our ongoing ministry expenses.
• The ILC Council courageously and compassionately voted to continue staff salaries. In addition, monies are needed for sanitizing the building and on-line worship and devotional ministry.
• We are in the process of finalizing assistance in providing various alternative electronic ways to donate. However, please send checks by mail, or bring your offering to communion. Let’s not fall behind our first fruit offerings to the Lord.
• There are needs in our family and community beyond our operational budget. ILC families are enduring hardship. Special gifts for ministry for our own families can be given by writing a check to ILC with “Members Helping Members” on the Memo line.  There are also needs in our local community and the world. We have now created a new COVID 19 fund, you can write a check to ILC and designate this on the memo line.
If you have special (examples- Lutheran Church World Relief, Lutheran Church
Charities, Deep Well) charities you wish to donate to, just write the organizations name on the memo line of your check to ILC. A check will be issued to the organization designated based on your gift.
For questions, contact Dave Grandt 843.298.3967 or Terry Nickerson 843.2990.1041
• Please be generous with your support of the Lord’s work!

Communication Ministry
• The 3 of us are working collaboratively on this update, which we will provide weekly, or more frequently as necessary.
• The ILC webpage ( continues to be updated, and includes:
o Family Connection updates - all letters are archived
o Daily Devotion link
o Worship button is your link to videos.

“Knowing and Sharing the Joy of Salvation Through Jesus Christ”

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