Update 03/20/20

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Hello, Family!

How are you holding up? It shouldn’t be shocking, but sometimes we need reminders there is more to life than COV19. Last night Pastor Jeff was invited to pray for our ILC family member, Kathy Murphy, who is undergoing an important heart procedure today. Earlier today, the entire ILC Family was invited to pray for Kathy.  Thank you for joining us in prayer! One of the Family also gleefully spoke of this weekend’s plan—head to the Beach! Yes, it’s good to be the Lord’s Family!


As promised, the ILC Leadership Team of Nickerson, Grandt, and Dorth are sending a Ministry Update as follow up to Tuesday’s letter. There are a number of important updates. Did you notice the change in the banner atop the letter? We are intentionally replacing the Virus language as a reminder—life continues amidst the ever changing realities of life, including the COV19.


On to the updates:


Word Ministry

  • A 15-minute Worship Service has been taped and posted on our Island Lutheran Church YouTube page. However, the Worship Service will not be available to you until Saturday, 7 p.m. Look for a follow-up email on Saturday evening to remind you. Those of you who hit the Subscribe button after watching Tuesday’s video should receive a YouTube notification. For those who didn’t Subscribe, you may find it helpful to do so in order to receive notifications of future services.
  • Keep an eye on the ILC webpage. You should soon find a Worship button on the Homepage. We hope to use this Worship button as a link to the YouTube page.


Sacrament Ministry

  • Island Lutheran will offer the Lord’s Supper as promised. Palm Sunday is the first Sunday in April, specifically April 5th. Given Palm Sunday also kicks off Holy Week, we will offer the Lord’s Supper on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.
  • Signups will be open this evening on Signup Genius. The Church Secretary, Laurie, will be available to provide help during her office hours. Call the church office, 843.689.5200 if you run into difficulties signing up.
  • A tutorial for using Signup Genius has been created by Rachelle Jeffery. Please look for a follow-up email today with Rachelle’s tutorial.
  • PZ and PJ will serve as pastors for the communion gatherings during Holy Week. The Elders and Worship Service Coordinators may serve as hosts, welcoming members and assisting members
  • The hope is to have the ILC Sanctuary deep cleaned before Holy Week. The ILC sanctuary will be sanitized after each communion session; no more than ten members will be allowed to attend during each timeslot
  • Families will sit throughout the sanctuary spread out, sanitizing themselves before and after attendance
  • An offering basket will be set up in the narthex for members who choose to bring their offering
  • Please keep an eye out for the new Communion Signup button on the ILC Homepage of the website


Family Connection Ministry

  • Much work has been accomplished so the lLC leaders might create a structure that gives every ILC Family member the chance to receive a weekly connection.
  • Twelve groups have been identified, making use of our current ministry group structure, and all twelve Leaders have received an initial phone contact in preparation of rolling out the Connection Ministry.
  • Ninety-six members of the ILC Family will benefit from their current connection to one of the twelve groups. The plan is that each group Leader will ensure that all of his/her group members are contacted each week to check in, share encouragement, retrieve important information that should be passed along to the Leadership Team, and pray together.
  • Approximately one hundred thirty-five members of the ILC Family, including “Friends of ILC” and new folks, are not currently connected to a group. A plan to reach out to these folks is being established, which will include the support of the Elders.


These are exciting times. A Christian leader recently wrote this sentiment: Our Lord Jesus was not surprised by this viral outbreak and He’s not sitting around wringing His Hands. Rather, our Lord Jesus is working in mighty ways and invites His family to join Him. So, family of Jesus… let’s join Him.


We couldn’t say it any better! 


Thank you for your prayers, support, and communication. Feel free to make use of the contact information listed below. We are humbled to serve with you!


In Christ,


President Terry, Head Elder Dave, and Pastor Jeff




President Terry:  843.290.1041;

Head Elder Dave:  843.298.3967;

Pastor Jeff:  262.707.9197;

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