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Attention Island Lutheran Church!


Beginning Sunday, February 19 Pastor will interrupt the Sunday Bible study of Exodus


He will begin a Bible study titled: “Effective Church Leadership”


This study will include two primary parts:

A) The Character of a Leader

B) Effective Conflict Resolution in the Church


The Character of a Leader will address six character traits:

1.     My word and my behavior match.

2.     I practice high ethics at home and in public.

3.     I am a person full of God’s Spirit, full of God’s Word and active in prayer.

4.     I am a person with a servant attitude.

5.     I am prepared to carry integrity into difficulty.

6.     I am a person directed by God and not by self-interest.


Effective Conflict Resolution will include:

Learning to use six different conflict resolution styles:


No one style is correct for all situations.

The style of conflict management you naturally prefer is affected by your parents. The style of conflict management you naturally avoid is also affected by your parents.


Why do this now?

1.     Leadership training is one of the three primary mission objectives set by the congregation in 2014.

2.     We have new Council Members, a new Elder and many new members.

3.     Pastor forgot that he had planned to do this during the current three-year plan. Better to do this now, before people leave for summer vacations.

4.     This Biblical Study will help everyone either be an effective leader or evaluate effective leaders in the Church.

5.     This study will also help your leadership and conflict resolution at home, business and in the community.

6.     This will take about eight-ten weeks.


Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you normally attend Sunday Bible Class or not!


When the Leadership Study is finished, we will resume Exodus!



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