Sunday Bible Class. Held in between services at 9:50 am, Pastor Eckart leads a Bible Class that is regularly both compelling and fun. Attendance ranges from 30-60 people depending on the time of the year. Everyone is welcome regardless of Biblical knowledge.

Wednesday Bible Class. Held year round in the home of a member and taught by one of our Elder’s, Greg Beste.  Begins at 7:00.

Thursday morning Men’s Bible Study. Held year round at church in our conference room. Begins at 10:00 am and the guys often follow by going to lunch together.

Sun City/Bluffton Women’s Bible Study. Held every other Wednesday at 10:00 am and open to women from the area. Held in Sun City.

Sun City Bible Study/Discussion Group. Held on the first Tuesday of every month. Location rotates among the homes of members in Sun City

For more info on any of these groups please contact the church office, 689-5200.