Why an Island Lutheran Church Endowment Fund?
As a congregation, we are committed to reaching out to help others and spread the joy that Jesus Christ has brought to us. When we use what God gives us, for His glory, He multiplies our gifts and enables them to keep on giving. The Holy Spirit leads us to use these gifts to spread His word and love for all. A method to use these gifts on a perpetual basis is through an endowment fund. A legacy gift to the ILC Endowment Fund, regardless of size or form, will allow ILC to continue to build the kingdom of God for generations to come.

The Core Mission of Island Lutheran Church
Connect People to Jesus and One Another in Joyful Love and Service
Reaching out and extending our blessings beyond our own lives is an intrinsic part of Christian stewardship. If Island Lutheran Church has played a vital role in your life—in times of joy and difficulty—you can help continue its vital ministry and mission. Your gifts, both now and after your lifetime, can help educate people who can make your church home stronger and more responsive to the needs of generations to come.  An endowment is a wonderful way for the church to remember you or someone you love.

How to Donate

Scholarship Applicants