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Preparation for Worship Service on June 21st, 2020
ILC Family and Friends,
“I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord!’” Psalm 122: 1
These words written almost 3,000 years ago take on special meaning for me and for many in the Lord’s Family who are longing to worship together in person.  Many of us are also full of conflicting emotions and thoughts. What’s going on inside of us isn’t that much different than what we say going on around us; we are a mess! Thankfully, the Lord is with all His creation and we, His Family, are invited by Him to cling to His presence and His promises. And… on June 21st, we will begin offering this public worship again on the ILC campus.

As we prepare for returning to worship in our Sanctuary, we would like to provide you with details on what preparations and requirements will be in place.  The steps detailed in this correspondence are being taken to ensure the safety and security of those who wish to gather.

Our plan is to conduct two worship services; the first service will be at 8:30 am
and the second will be at 11:00 am. Attendance will be restricted to 50
congregants seated in the sanctuary per service.

We request that you sign up on Sign Up Genius for the service you wish to attend.  Once the number of individuals signing up equals 50 per service, registration will be closed. Individuals who have questions about registration, should contact Laurie at the ILC office. If you wish to attend, please register each individual separately to provide an accurate number of people scheduled to attend.

We will also have registration for 2 elders, 2 ushers, and 2 medical personnel to be in attendance at each service.

To provide you with information to assist you in determining if you wish to
attend, we have the following details:
• Please plan on arriving no later than 15 minutes prior to the service.
• Parking will continue to be in the ILC parking area. Once you are parked,
please exit your vehicle with your mask on and move to the entry sidewalk,
practicing social distancing of 6 feet or more.
• Prior to entering the Narthex, you will have your temperature checked by
an assistant who will be using an Infrared Thermometer.  Individuals with a temperature of more than 100 degrees will be requested to return home. Please stay home if you are ill, or have a temperature.
• All doors entering the Narthex and Sanctuary will be open so you will not
need to touch any door handles.
• A table with a basket for your offering will be available in the Narthex.
• You will be guided to a seat in the Sanctuary that is clearly marked by tape
to enhance social distancing. Families will be accommodated according to
the number of individuals attending. Attendees will be guided to the front
of the church; ushers will continue seating to the back of the Sanctuary as
additional people arrive.
• Once you are comfortably seated, you may remove your masks if you wish.
• There will be no bulletins for the services. You will be guided on the
screens, or by the Worship Team.
• All Bibles, Hymnals, offering, and informational cards have been removed
from the pews, including all pencils.
• At the conclusion of the service, please wear your masks and you will be
guided to the exit, starting from the rear of the Sanctuary.
• We ask you move to your vehicles promptly, honoring social distancing.
• The Sanctuary, restrooms, and Narthex will all be cleaned and sanitized
between the first and second services.

Our plan is to have the first service live-streamed and also available in an archive to be viewed at a later date if you desire. Our goal is to have live-streaming available in Graudin Hall as soon as possible. If it is available on June 21st, we will seat congregants or visitors who have not registered on Sign Up Genius. This is a work in progress.

Other items of note:
• The water fountain will be blocked; we will have bottled water available.
• For individuals who do not have masks, we have masks available.
• Access to the restrooms in Graudin Hall is not available.
• We are also restricting access to the pastor’s office, counting room,
conference room, and nursery.

This is the first step in a phased approach to re-opening our church. Our goal is to gradually add people into our worship space over time in a way that is safe and logistically feasible. If you have any questions or wish to express concerns about the plan detailed above, please contact Dave Grandt or Terry Nickerson.
“I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord!’” Psalm 122: 1
We look forward to seeing you in the Lord’s house!
To God be the glory!

Pastor Jeff Dorth
Head Elder, Dave Grandt
President, Terry Nickerson

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