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ILC Family Connection Week 4 Group’s Prayer List
16 Total Groups - Close to 200 Members, Friends, and Visitors contacted.

General Prayers:
“Dear Heavenly Father, your dear children come to You bent and bowed with anxieties and questions as we seek Your presence during this pandemic. We ask that You wipe away these fears and replace them with the full assurance of Your promise to be with us always. Healing God, we pray that You will touch this hurting world, community, and our church family during these very difficult times. We lift up to You the families of those who have lost loved ones; those who are suffering with the COVID-19 virus; families and friends who are hospitalized with serious illnesses; the doctors, nurses, medical
staffs caring for the seriously ill; our military and police who are serving both near and far; the cities that are dramatically affected with the virus; families who are separated from one another due to the restrictions limiting movements and access to loved ones; our children; those suffering economic hardships due to lack of employment; the leaders of our country and world; our families and teachers struggling with creating stability in their daily lives; and the leaders of our churches. Amen.”

Thankful that people have more "family time".
Prayers for protection and thankfulness for healthcare workers, hospital staff,
pharmacies and grocery store employees.
Prayers for patience during the quarantine. Isolation (can't see family) Boredom. Lack of things to talk about with friends and family.
Prayers for all those who work having reduced hours and reduced or no pay.
The many many people we don't know who are out of work.

Specific Prayer Requests:
Lonnie's friend Helga in Virginia has died of complications of COVID-19 virus. Prayers for her family and friends.

Kathy White & Deiha - challenges of teaching from home. Does not look like school will resume this year.

Our adult children /grandchildren and their job situations--- furlough, pay cuts, frozen jobs, uncertain times! Still have rent due, car payments, house payments etc. Very stressful. (Specifically, Jean and Emily White; Mary's children Ashley and Garrett, Kristin & Dan Goldstein (Cathy & Greg's daughter and son-in-law). Josh Beste's wedding on June 21st in Charlotte, NC -- will they be able to have their wedding? Please pray!!

Thanksgiving for Pastor Jeff & Sam for safe and healthy travel to Wisconsin. May their family time be blessed.

Ann Haines - Important doctor visit this week - has first cancer treatment.

Paul's Dittmar’s brother Fred - thanksgiving that he has recovered from COVID virus but still in a rehab facility and in a room with another COVID patient. Very isolating.

Linda Jording’s brother Jim post-surgery with health issues plus now dealing with stress that his restaurant is closed due to the pandemic.

Prayers for Pastor Zimmermann as he takes over for Pastor Jeff the next 2 weeks.

Thanksgiving for Pastors Jeff and Paul, Steve White, musicians and video crew for our amazing worship services and recorded "Family Connection" messages.

Prayer requests from Andrea Rudick:  Andrea’s niece is RN, working directly with virus patients. She lives at home with her parents and 91 yr. old grandmother. Praying they all remain safe and healthy.  Andrea’s sister-in-law’s brother is in hospital on a ventilator and his wife is also hospitalized with the virus.

Janine is fine, always cheerful, staying connected with her family and has no specific needs. She continues to do her shopping as needed, early in the morning to avoid a crowded grocery store.

Rose Mebane is most concerned about her children. Her daughter in VA is an event planner is currently out of work, but has sold her condo and is looking to move to the Wilmington, NC area. The plan is for Rose to eventually move there as well. Her son in MD (and DIL) are in the medical field. The DIL is more exposed to getting ill as she  visits nursing homes, but is being extra cautious during this time. Her other son in FL is unable to work as he and his wife care for their granddaughter during the day and do not want to take any risks of additional exposure. Rose does have agreements with her neighbors to make sure she is up every day. I let her know that you reached out to Diane Crist and that Terry will also follow up.

Brenda Dornseif wants general prayers that we all just “stay the course” and be patient and trusting that God has this under control. Their son (in PA) is still able to work from home,  however, his fiancé is a physician’s assistant and has reduced work hours because elective procedures are on hold. She is working about half the normal hours she would be working.

Karl and Marga are keeping quite busy at home. Her biggest concern is that we all guard our mental health during this time, get out and get some sunshine and walk.  Marga is always a delight to talk to. The great grandchild that was due on 4/10 is still hanging out in Mama’s womb, but no indication of any concerns. They will probably induce if she doesn’t deliver by 4/24. It is the couple’s first child.

Butch Stewart is concerned about his heart, Dr. appointment in June.

Linda Towne’s continued back pain.

Kurt Landsberg’s Mom who is battling COVID19 virus up north on Cape Cod Island. She is in her 90’s and doing well so far, but is very tired.


April 22, 2020
Dear Family, Christ is risen. He’s risen indeed. Alleluia!
In looking back over the past month, it’s hard to imagine all the changes to our way of life that have occurred since we last worshiped together on March 15th
As a push is underway to get back to normal, or the “new normal”, perhaps we should reflect and approach this as an opportunity to enter a period of spiritual reset, asking ourselves,
• “What is our Heavenly Father teaching us about being His Family/Church through this?
• How might He want us to live out our mission of “Knowing and Sharing the Joy of Salvation through Jesus Christ?” differently after we return to the “new normal?”
Here are a few of our observations:
1. It is striking to review the prayer lists from the past 4 weeks as a result of our Family Connections phone calls. These prayers reflect an appreciation for the additional family time provided in increased phone calls and family visits.
2. We now single out for prayer our healthcare workers, hospital staffs, grocery store employees, and recognize the plight of those individuals who are out of work.
3. Many activities and celebrations we took for granted are now changed: graduations, proms, weddings, the way we conduct our education. While we strive to keep healthy during our isolation, we learned new ways to practice patience. We are staying grounded in the Word, linking into various Devotional opportunities.
4. A short time ago, we celebrated Holy Week in a unique way, without losing the Easter message of Joy and Faith. We used creativity, made sacrifices, and expended resources in order to offer the Lord’s Body and Blood to His Family.
5. As we move into a new phase of COVID 19, we learn new ways to love the Lord and serve our neighbor.

A brief reminder of what’s going on currently;
Word Ministry
• PZ will conduct the videotaped worship services for the 19th and 26th of April, while Pastor Jeff is in Wisconsin with his family and preparing for the move to Hilton Head.
• Positive response continues for our YouTube worship, children’s, and devotional messages. We thank all those adults and children who have participated and continue to participate in these videotapes.
• Preschool families and their children continue to receive daily teaching through the hard work of our ILC Preschool Staff.
Sacrament Ministry
• Signups utilizing Signup Genius continue for the Lord’s Supper scheduled for May 2nd & 3rd, and May 16th & 17th. All necessary hygienic practices remain in place. If you run into difficulties signing up, call Dave Grandt 843.298.3967 or Terry Nickerson 843.290.1041
• Try out the Communion Sign-up ‘button’ on the ILC website!
Family Connection Ministry
• Our continuing goal is that the ILC Family members have a meaningful connection on a weekly basis during our time of separation.
• Please make sure that you keep us informed if you change your email address or phone number. If you do not receive a phone call from your group leader or elder, please call Dave Grandt 843.298.3967 or Terry Nickerson 843.290.1041
Financial Ministry
• Monies are being given by our ILC Family into the Member Helping Member and COVID19 Funds. Praise the Lord! Those interested in supporting these important funds should write the Fund Name in the Memo Line.
• Individuals/Families facing financial hardship within the ILC Family are receiving gifts; the Elders are managing this process with respect and discretion.
• Local community projects are receiving gifts from the COVID19 Fund.
• Deep Well, a community agency, will be receiving monies from the Elders’ Mission Fund.
• We now have a “GIVE” button on the front page of our website that will provide the opportunity to utilize alternative ways of giving.
• For questions, contact Dave Grandt 843.298.3967 or Terry Nickerson 843.290.1041
• Please be generous with your support of the Lord’s work—ministry continues!
Communication Ministry
• Please visit our webpage often( as we continue to update this, eventually moving to a new host.
• Recent updates to our restrooms and hand sanitizing stations have been approved and will be installed, providing us with ‘touchless’ ways to wash, sanitize, and dry our hands.

Christ is risen. He’s risen indeed. Alleluia! We hope the power of His resurrection reminds you that He is with you, He is for you, and He will not let anything separate you from His Father.
In His name,
Terry Nickerson, President
Dave Grandt, Head Elder
Jeff Dorth, Pastor

“Knowing and Sharing the Joy of Salvation through Jesus Christ”

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