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April 30, 2020

Dear Family,
How are you doing, really? What about your family members, how are they doing?  It is good to be family, especially when we are family in the Lord! Yet, being family doesn’t protect us  from the brokenness of this life. Our Family, the Lord’s Family called Island Lutheran, faces trials, sorrows, and unexpected challenges just like all people. You may be quick to agree, but are you willing
to agree with this statement?
“The Lord’s enemy, Satan, will go to any length to separate us from each other, from the Lord’s Word, and His gifts.”
Thank you for reflecting upon this statement, committing yourself to prayer, seeking ways to be indevotion, and looking for ways to be of service to the  Lord and His family. It’s good to be family, especially when we are family in the Lord!

A brief reminder of what’s going on currently;
Word Ministry
• PZ has stepped up in big ways to help while Pastor Jeff and his son, Sam, returned to Wisconsin to be with Mary, Kenzie, and Shelby.
• Special thanks to all the volunteers who are helping with the worship services. Call the church office or send a note to Pastor Jeff if you would be interested in reading Scripture or leading the Family in the Apostles Creed.
• Our Organist/Choir Director, Barbara Lunick has decided to retire, effective April 30th, 2020 after many years of service to ILC. We have been blessed by Barbara’s gifts and the Board of Elders recommendation on a way we can  recognize Barbara’s contribution to ILC’s ministry is listed in the Financial Ministry section of this communication.

Sacrament Ministry
• Signups utilizing Signup Genius continue for the Lord’s Supper scheduled for May 2nd & 3rd, and May 16th & 17th. All necessary hygienic practices remain in place. If you run into difficulties signing up, call Dave Grandt 843.298.3967 or Terry Nickerson 843.290.1041.  Try out the Communion Sign-up ‘button’ on the ILC website!
As a reminder of our guidelines for these communion sessions:
Plan to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your sign-up time.
Enter through the Main Street entrance, exit through the Wilborn Road exit.
Please remain in your car until called by the Usher/Elder.
Please leave the parking lot when you are finished.
Continue to practice safe social distancing at all times.

Family Connection Ministry
• Our continuing goal is that the ILC Family members have a meaningful connection on a weekly basis during our time of separation.
• Please make sure that you keep us informed if you change your email address or phone number. If you do not receive a phone call from your group leader or elder, please call Dave Grandt 843.298.3967 or Terry Nickerson 843.290.1041

Financial Ministry
• The Board of Elders recommend that anyone who is interested in providing a gift in recognition of Barbara Lunick’s many years of service to ILC can provide a donation to ILC with “Barbara Lunick” in the memo line of your check, or utilize the GIVE button on our website. If using the GIVE button,
choose the Member Helping Member fund and put Barb’s name in the memo field. Checks can be sent to ILC, or dropped off during this weekend’s communion scheduled for Saturday and Sunday morning. Funds received will be sent to Barbara with a card expressing ILC’s gratitude. For those of you who wish to send a personal card directly to Barbara, please send this to:
Barbara Lunick
1922 Little Neck Road
Bloomingdale, GA 31302
• The Board of Elders will meet again on the 12th of May to review any requests from members who are having financial difficulty.
• The ILC Council has voted to continue existing church staff salaries until the end of May.
• Remember that we have a “GIVE” button on the front page of our website that will provide the opportunity to utilize alternative ways of giving.
• For questions, contact Dave Grandt 843.298.3967 or Terry Nickerson 843.290.1041
• Please be generous with your support of the Lord’s work!

Communication Ministry
• Please continue to visit our webpage often( as we update this with important information.
• Recent updates to our restrooms/hand sanitizing stations will be installed shortly, providing us with ‘touchless’ ways to wash, sanitize, and dry our hands.

It’s good to be family, especially when we are family in the Lord!
Thank you for your prayers. The Lord is with us… He hears our cries of joy and sorrow! And, His promise is for all times, including times like these. “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

Knowing and Sharing the Joy of Salvation through Jesus Christ,
Terry Nickerson, President
Dave Grandt, Head Elder
Jeff Dorth, Pastor

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