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Dear Family, 
Last weekend many of us came to the campus to receive the Lord's Supper; about ninety folks were communed. Many shared their perspective on the plan of opening of Island Lutheran Church on the 21st of June for public worship. People are excited. People are hopeful. People are nervous. People are concerned. Some wish we had already begun worshipping in the building. Most knew of somebody that would be hesitant to venture to the church. 
By way of reminder, the goal is to open our building in a timely manner, providing for the health and safety for our congregation which includes continuing to offer worship online through YouTube.
 Here are a few updates since last week:
  • Conversations are underway with various contractors to prepare the sanctuary, Graudin Hall, and our internet service for live streaming.
  • We have reached out to a Videographer who has the ability to support the installation process, train volunteers, and film the weekly Sunday morning service. We hope he will accept our offer.
  • Continued studying of safety precaution measures from various church and state organizations in order to map out safest approach to providing public worship.
  • A prioritization of ILC activities has taken place with the intent of aligning resources and developing roles for smooth implementation of public worship. 
  • Areas of focus include:  facilities, accessories (e.g. masks, sanitizing tools, etc.), communication, service/sermon creation, and volunteers.
Per last week’s initial document, the approach to meeting the goal will require intentionality in planning, decision making/execution, a willingness to adjust based upon current circumstances, and a strong effort in the areas of gathering and sharing information. Communication will be essential, as will be prayer and courage in the Lord. Pleasing everyone will be impossible; however, exhibiting patience, kindness, and all the fruit of the Spirit will go a long way to build unity during these important steps. It will be essential to defend against the Devil, the world, and our sinful flesh. The approach to the project is called: “Walk Before We Run—A Multifaceted Progression to Worshipping Together.”
 As this project unfolds, you will receive updates on a weekly basis.  Please provide your valued inputs through our Family Connections network, or directly to the Leadership Team as the project progresses.
It's good to be Family when it's the Lord's Family. Thank you for taking time to hold up the family in prayer. Tomorrow Elizabeth Duncan, dear to Dianne Metzger, will be undergoing surgery. There are others who have asked for our prayers. Please find the attached Family Connection Prayer List for this week. Look for the latest worship service link on Saturday evening!
"knowing and sharing the joy of salvation through Jesus Christ"

 President Terry, Head Elder Dave, and Pastor Jeff 

  • ILC Family Connection Week 8 Group’s Prayer List
    General Prayers:
    Prayers for the Preschool families and teachers as they enter the last week of preschool. They plan to celebrate with a "Social Distance Picnic"

    Prayers for the Comfort Dog Ministry - specifically to provide a volunteer to serve in the role of "Top Dog". This is an urgent need!

    Prayers for our Pastors and church leaders who are doing a marvelous job! They are giving us a wonderful connection which helps sustain us through this stressful time.

    Specific Prayer Requests:

    Pray for the health and well-being of Diane Crist.

    Pray for the Bravo family strength during this difficult time.

    Prayers for Karl & Marga’s great grandson Levi, born one month premature and still in NICU.

    Prayers for Tens the grandson of Mary Moore’s friend. He is terminal, but a super fighter. Home for now, but so far, he has spent 113 days in the hospital. He just keeps defying the odds and surprising all the doctors. Truly an example of the power of prayer.

    Continued prayers of thanksgiving for Qiaoyuan Ren who delivered a healthy baby boy last week. They named him "Lyle".

    Prayer for the Williams family mourning the loss of Maureen. We celebrate her joining Jesus in heaven.

    Praise that Elaine's sister seems to be adjusting since her husband died and is doing better this week.

    Dolores is thankful that her daughter will be able to move back in to her condo that was destroyed by fire last year. Dolores is grateful that the community seems to be opening a little and is looking forward to getting out to the store and the beach.

    Continue prayers for Tanya Fehr (daughter of Dee & Rick Kantorowicz) who is hospitalized.

    Prayers for Kathy White as she finishes her last weeks of teaching before

    Steve is thankful for Pastor Jeff, the video team and all the people willing to participate in the worship service each week.  Praise and thanks that Steve is still being employed with a temporary part time job in Beaufort.

    Linda is thankful for all the members who have provided for Pastor Jeff over the past several weeks in food, meals and preparation.

    Lonnie & Fred Goulet are thankful for their son Connor who graduated from Navigation School this past weekend in Pensacola, FL. (They were not allowed to attend because of the Corona Virus). Prayers for protection as he awaits his next position in Oklahoma City where he will be stationed.
    Prayers for Lonnie's brother Don in Seattle who is in end stage throat cancer. All treatments have been stopped.

    Pray for jobs to open in Charlotte for Kristin & Dan Goldstein (Beste's
    daughter and son-in-law). Virus hit as they were moving and transitioning to Charlotte but they must continue to live in Philadelphia so they can work.

    Prayers for Josh Beste and Allie Schutrum who will be married June 21st.

    Thanksgiving that work for Mary G. is picking up. Work and health are better! We also pray for Abby (Chinese teacher staying with Mary) uncertain about next school year and her husband is now not able to join her in America.

    We lift up friends of Mary G... Mike & Kathy (and their daughter Elizabeth) whose first grandchild was born with severe birth defects and died the next day.

    Prayers for Paul's brother Fred, still in rehab in New York awaiting another COVID test so he can be cleared and moved to another area.

    Prayers for Pastor Jeff & Mary as they continue to move forward with the sale of their house. Specifically, for Mary, Shelby and Kenzie who are packing the house and preparing for the move.

    Prayers of thanks from Rob Lenz: my granddaughter Abigail has received her doctorate in anatomy from Liberty and her husband Kurt his medical doctorate from Liberty; and my granddaughter Susanna her master degree in science – micro-biology. The end of schooling for my eight grandchildren.