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Dear Family,


It's good to be family, especially when it's Lord's Family!


Four days ago, on Sunday, our ILC Family had the opportunity to re-enter the sanctuary and gather in worship.  It was a blessing to see the many smiling eyes; the face masks didn't keep folks from smiling, singing, and sharing friendly greetings. That being said, the gatherings at 8:30 and 11 were also stark reminders of that life isn't always easy:


  • The attempt to "livestream" didn't bring good results. The news on Monday was even worse. Our internet provider, Hargray, will not have the needed fiber optic available for our address any time soon. Therefore, until we are able to provide live streaming, we will tape the 8:30 service and post it later on Sunday mornings. 
  • COVID19 is real and on the mind of many. The spike in SC cases has made national news, as did post Heritage Classic commentary by at least one golfer on the perceived nonchalant  attitude of HHI people. 


Amidst all this, the Lord is working in you, in us... and through you, through us. He promises; we trust! 


image.pngThis coming weekend we kick-off our focus on the theme, "Life Together."  We'll not only be learning about "Life Together" in worship, those interested and available are invited to join me for a study of Life Together, one of my favorite books on the Christian life. The study will run on Wednesday mornings at the church from 10:30-11:30. Use this link to find out more information and to sign up:
Speaking of signing up, there's still room in the inn for those who would like to sign up for worship this weekend. To sign up for attending worship this weekend, go to the ILC website and hit the link for Church Attendance Sign up. One last note about the book study, you are welcome to purchase the book, receive the study notes, and participate without attending the class. Call the church office if you are interested.
In closing, I hope you will take a moment and open the attached Prayer List.  Prayer is important family work... the Lord loves to hear from His Family.  On a personal note, most of the Dorth family possessions  arrived on Monday. I say most because I inadvertently left a gift I gave Mary on our first Christmas thirty six years ago: a wagon wheel. Thankfully, the new owners found it and gave it to friends who intend to drive down this fall, our cargo in tow.  Hopefully by then we will have unpacked the many, many boxes!  

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