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Dear Family,

"The Lord is with me... no matter what!" These words bring me perspective amidst the busy-ness and chaos of this week. You may find it helpful to repeat those words to yourself, take a deep breath, and say them again. 

There are important updates for our ILC Family. Thank you for taking time to be updated.

Worship "In Person" or through "Live Streaming" begins this Sunday, June 21st.



  1. Extraordinary efforts continue: installation of "hands free" dispensers (paper towel, soap, sanitizer, etc), cleaning/sanitizing the sanctuary/narthex, blue-taping of sanctuary to designate seating, installation of live streaming equipment, and much more. Look for a video link tomorrow with more specific details to help you prepare for coming to worship.
  2. Live Streaming will be done at the 8:30 service... We will make the video of the service available on YouTube for those who are not able to view the "live streaming."  Please pray for this first big step; your prayers could include thanksgiving to the Lord for helping us get started, petitions for help in working out the bugs, as well as the pouring out of patience upon us in the midst of the challenges we will undoubtedly experience.
  3. There have been a few cancellations; therefore, you may want to check out Sign-up Genius if you didn't get a chance to sign up through Sign-up Genius before the slots were all filled. 
  4. Whether you are coming this weekend or hoping to come in the future, I would ask you to hit reply and send me your answer to the following question. Thanks! By the way, I appreciate your willingness to share any emotion you are experiencing... not only the ones you think people may expect you to have!  As you think about worshipping together in person, what word or words best describes your emotions?



  • Family Connections Prayer List is Available.  Please find the attached Prayer List that surfaced through the phone call ministry that took place over the past week.  Other prayer requests have come directly to me as recently as 20 minutes ago:  prayers of thanksgiving that Anita's surgery went well, prayers for complete healing and functionality for Deanna, prayers for Safe Travel and Transition for Phil and Brenda as they move to Austin, TX.
  • New Midweek Study begins Wednesday, July 1, 10:30-11:30. 
  1.  I will be teaching a Study, entitled, Life Together, based upon Dietrich Bonhoeffer's book with this title. Sign ups for the class will begin next week through Sign-up Genius; the class will be limited to the first 50 signups.
  2. The book, Life Together, will be available to be purchased for $15. People are invited to purchase the book even if you aren't comfortable attending the class due to schedule or health precautions. Call the office if you are interested in purchasing the book.
  3. Students in the class will be using a Study Guide that I am happy to make available for those who want to take the class without attending "in person." Please email me if you would be interested in the Study Guide.

 It's good to be family... when it's the Lord's family!  There are so many updates we could share... and yet, maybe amidst all the busy-ness and chaos in life, it's best to say again, "The Lord is with me... with US no matter what!" 


"knowing and sharing the joy of salvation through Jesus Christ"

 your pastor jeff

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