PRAYER LIST 05/14/2020

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ILC Family Connection Week 7 Group’s Prayer List
General Prayers:
Prayers for the Preschool families and teachers. It was good for them to see each other at the ILC JOY Parade.
Prayers for our Pastors and church leaders who are doing a marvelous job! Theyare giving us a wonderful connection which helps sustain us through this
stressful time.
Specific Prayer Requests:
Thanksgiving that Deiha has completed her BS in early childhood education and will be graduating in just a few days.
Praise that Dr. Nancy Trhlik is feeling better.
Praise that Elaine's sister seems to be adjusting since her husband died and is doing better this week. We also pray for her to become connected to a church family in Florida.
Dolores is thankful she has good friends that have come over to visit with her, of course outside and social distancing. Her daughter is now in the process of moving back in to her condo that was destroyed by fire last year.
Continue prayers for Tanya Fehr (daughter of Dee & Rick Kantorowicz) who is
hospitalized in Florida and undergoing biopsies for tumors in her neck.
Ausma has found great blessing in our church family during this time of
isolation. The church family has been very kind and helpful to her.
Prayers for Kathy White as she finishes her last 4 weeks of teaching before
retirement. She is thankful for all the faithful Mothers in our group as we
approach Mother's Day.
Steve is thankful for Pastor Jeff, the video team and all the people willing to
participate in the worship service each week. Praise that Steve has found an interesting and enjoyable part time job in Beaufort.
Paul and Carolyn celebrate news that 2 family members are expecting babies in the coming year. Both of these families have experience extreme sadness as they each lost an infant / toddler recently. God is good!
Paul is also celebrating the engagement of his grandson Zachary.
Qiaoyuan Ren and Jianqiang’s son Lyle was born on the morning of May 8th.  Both mom and baby are very good.

Praise our LordPray for the health and well-being of Diane Crist.
Praise for Chase Duncan’s birthday celebration on May 19th!
Andrea Rudick - Sister-in-law Suzy’s brother is on ventilator and it does not look good. He is 71 years old and has had cardiac arrest 3 times. Prayer’s for his wife, Terry and their children. They have been able to see him via Zoom.
Charlotte and Ken Barden - Prayers for safe travel as they make decision as to when to return home after several months in Michigan.
Rose Mebane- Continued prayers for her children in the medical profession.
Prayer of thanksgiving for successful sale of their home and purchase of a new home in Wilmington, NC.
We need to continue prayers for Tems, (grandson of Mary Moore) who is back in hospital. Such a brave little boy. Pray for healing and also comfort and peace for his family.
Also, Bose(short for Beauregard), furry and beloved 17 year old dog of Pat
Sherman and Kathy Murphy. Pray he recovers from an accident.
Roger and Jo Anne Finn pray especially for all their family, ILC family, friends far and near, and neighbors that God will keep them safe, healthy and sustain them through the COVID19 with His wisdom and foresight. We also pray for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the unsaved, and bring them to faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We know God is working through this pandemic crisis for His glory. Amen!!

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