PRAYER LIST 06/03/2020

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ILC Family Connection Week 10 Group’s Prayer List
General Prayers:

“This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!”
Keep ILC and our upcoming planning and worship service for June 21st. Pray for the technology equipment to be established perfectly to allow live-streaming beginning June 21st.

The need for peace and compassion and God’s healing during this scary time of civic unrest and the continuation of the effects of COVID-19.
In spite of all the uncertainty and changes that we have all had to make during this unprecedented time, we all can see God's hand of love and provision in all our circumstances.
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future”. Jeremiah 29:11.

Specific Prayer Requests:
Diane Crist’s health and well-being.

Prayers answered: Sarah Johnson has returned home from HH Hospital.

Bravo family in this uncertain time of employment and housing concerns.

Steve is thankful that worship planning and continued videotaping of worship is going well. He is thankful his mother in Columbia, SC is doing well. Please lift up Steve's friend in Columbia who recently had a stroke and has had surgery. We pray for a quick and complete recovery.

Prayers for Deiha and for the future of the preschool. Prayers for protection and safety as Winston travels to New Jersey to visit his girlfriend.

Prayers for Lynn and Sharon Nickelson as they travel back home this week and specifically for Lynn as he continues chemotherapy treatments.

Prayers of thanks that Linda J. has remained healthy throughout this pandemic. She is so thankful for her son Matt and daughter Mollie and all they are doing to help keep her happy and safe. Thanks, that son Matt and his two restaurants are doing well.

Dolores is thankful that daughter Alisa has finally been able to move back into her condo damaged by fire. Pray for strength and endurance as Alisa moves all her belongings out of  storage. She is so appreciative of Pastor Jeff and how he is connecting us to worship. Also, for Steve and the musicians and how wonderful to have meaningful music in worship.

We lift up Ausma's sister Mara who is not doing well with all of the
isolation. Ausma's prayer: "That the Holy Spirit will guide her sister Mara to prayer and the word of God, so she may find hope, strength and peace to make her days more enjoyable."

Kathy White is looking forward to her official retirement from her 30+ year teaching career. It's been and long journey and a very strange way to end it. She is thankful for "God's perfect timing" that she is ending this year and won't have to face the stress, health risks and uncertainty of next fall.

Elaine is hopeful and thankful that her kids will be visiting in June! She may have an opportunity to visit her sister in Florida in July. She feels that God has truly protected and blessed her during this time.

Prayers of thanksgiving and protection as Carolyn's daughter Karen and son-in-law Scott will be traveling from Kansas City to Hilton Head for a visit.

Prayer's for the family of Rob (friend of Paul's daughter in NJ) who recently lost his battle with the COVID virus. He was in his 40's.
Prayers of thanksgiving that Paul's brother in New York has fully recovered from the Corona virus and has now tested negative. He has been moved out of isolation and is back in a regular room in his rehab facility. He will now be able to walk out of his room and have PT services.

Continued prayer for Tanya Fehr (daughter of Dee & Rick Kantorowicz) and Don (brother of Lonnie Goulet) undergoing serious health issues.

Continued prayers for Dan & Kristin (Beste) Goldstein who are transitioning to Charlotte from Philadelphia and are waiting on their jobs to open so they can complete their move. Thanksgiving that despite the complete cancellation of all wedding plans the Lord has provided good options for the wedding of Allie Schutrum and Josh Beste for June 21st in Charlotte.

We thank and praise God for Rob Lenz as he celebrated his 90th birthday this past week! 

Prayers of protection and endurance for Pastor Jeff as he drives to Wisconsin this weekend to pack and move his family to Hilton Head. Continued prayers for Mary & Shelby as they pack and compete the move. Prayers for Sam as he stays home on Hilton Head to work.

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