PRAYER LIST 06/10/20

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ILC Family Connection Week 11 Group’s Prayer List

General Prayers:

Many prayer requests for calm in our country and that protests can return to
being peaceful.

Specific Prayer Requests:

Prayers for Anita, Kurt Landsberg’s wife, who will be having rotator cuff surgeryon June 18.  Also from Kurt Landsberg: My niece, Raquel Ellis, has her breast surgery for cancer about 2.5 weeks ago. Surgery went well. We now have the results from lymph node tests. She is cancer free!!!!! Praise the Lord. I want to thank the congregation for all their prayers for my niece. It’s a great day.

Prayers for Butch Stewart who is having a heart valve surgery

Prayers for Lou Gast and her family as they mourn her passing recently in

Pray for safe travels and visit for the son of the Schultz’s for the 4th of July

Jesse Klicka: The Finn’s 28-year-old Grandson, Jesse, had a freak accident this
week using his table saw, ended up with emergency surgery to save two fingers on his right hand. He is right-handed, loves Jesus and plays drums and guitar at church and loves making furniture and Christian accents/pieces for friends and  family. We pray for wisdom and skill for the surgeon(s), medical and PT staff to treat Jesse so that his nerves are restored and for successful recovery and use of his hand. Also, for his wife and 9-month son during this stressful time as they live in Fresno, CA which is still a hotbed of Covid19.

Prayers for Kathy Sullivan’s Granddaughter, Madison, with ongoing life threatening health issues and had recent emergency treatment. Praying for healing, God’s presence and peace for Madison and all her family.

Pat Drews has some complications in her recovery. An infection that we hope
can be addressed with antibiotics.

Diane Crist’s health and well-being.

Bravo family in this uncertain time of employment and housing concerns.

Rick and Dee Kantorowicz request continued prayer for their daughter, Tanya.
She will see the oncologist this week to discuss options. They also request
prayer for their friend, John Logan and his wife, Paulette John is in hospital with COVID-19 and possible pneumonia. His wife is displaying symptoms.

Prayers for Jesse, who has the Covid virus and is on a ventilator. He is the
husband of a friend of Mary G’s sister.

Delores is alone now and misses having her daughter with her. She’s happy her daughter is back in her own home.

Prayers for Steve and the music program at ILC. Prayers of thanks that Michelle Bess has agreed to be the new choir director.

Many requests for prayers for Deiha and the preschool, with hope that the
school can re-open soon.

Elaine is doing fine and looking forward to a visit from her kids soon.
She’s thankful that we’re all well.

Prayers of Thanksgiving that Carolyn’s daughter, Karen, and her husband have purchased a home in Hilton Head. They will be moving here in about a year.

Requests prayers for Cathy and Greg as they travel to Charlotte to help Kristin and Dan move. Pray that things go well.  Josh Beste & Allie Schutrum for their upcoming wedding June 21st.

Paul requests prayers for Geoff, who was seriously injured in a bicycle
accident. He and his wife, Heather, lost a child two years ago, and Heather is
now pregnant.

Kathy is almost retired - still has a little more paperwork to complete.

Steve’s friend, Cary, who had a stroke, is recovering.

Barbara English for her many years of service to ILC as custodian and her well earned retirement.

We all pray for Pastor Dorth and his family as they continue packing and getting ready for their move to Hilton Head.

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