PRAYER LIST 06/19/2020

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General Prayers:

Continued requests for calm in our country and that protests can return to being peaceful.
Encouragement to everyone to remain cautious and vigilant because of the
recent increase in Covid-19 cases.
Pray that our Worship service reopening on June 21st is pleasing to the Lord.
Specific Prayer Requests:

Prayers for Kathy Murphy’s Granddaughter, Madison, with ongoing life threatening health issues and had recent emergency treatment. Praying for healing, God’s presence and peace for Madison and all her family.

Pat Drews has some complications in her recovery. An infection that we hope
can be addressed with antibiotics.

Diane Crist’s health and well-being

Bravo family in this uncertain time of employment and housing concerns.

Delores is thankful for the Blessing of family.

We give thanks that the Lord has provided just the right people to facilitate the music ministry at ILC. Steve White and Michelle Bess are working hard on
preparations for the music at ILC. Steve reports that work should be completed next week for live-streaming of church services

Prayers that the move goes smoothly for the Dorth family and their safe travel to Hilton Head.

Carolyn D. has had her pre-op work in preparation for her hip surgery on June 23.  Prayers that all goes well and surgery can be completed as scheduled.

Cathy Beste asks for prayers for their son-in-law, Dan, as he decides what to do regarding employment in Charlotte. Kristin and Dan, with Cathy and Greg’s help, have completed moving their belongings to Charlotte, but are living in an apartment in Philadelphia pending employment decisions.

Prayers for Josh and Allie on their upcoming wedding June 21.

Paul D. requests prayers for Geoff, who continues to have terrible pain related to a bicycle accident.

Deiha has submitted applications for employment and prayers should continue for her and the future of the preschool at ILC.

Elaine is happy that her kids will be arriving on Sunday. Prayers for safe travel.
“knowing and sharing the joy of salvation through Jesus Christ

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