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Dear Family,


Thank you! It's been nine weeks since we worshiped together in the ILC church building and your prayers, as well as your efforts to bring our Lord's care to one another during these challenging times, are very much appreciated! We are blessed! Not being able to be "together" hasn't stopped life from happening. Children have been born into our family, dear ones have died and joined the Lord. Ministry continues!


Our church family leaders have continued meeting, planning, and making important decisions. Here are a couple very important project being worked upon, as well as updates in our Five Areas of Ministry Focus:


Public Worship Will Resume & Live Streaming For those Unable to Attend

The Church Council, upon the recommendation of the Board of Elders, approved a plan of implementing extensive safety measures and setting up "Live Streaming" with the hope of offering public, corporate worship, starting June 21st. Please take the time to read the attached document to learn more and keep an eye open for more information over the next couple weeks. You are also encouraged to contact President Terry (843.290.1041) or Head Elder Dave (843.298.3967) if you have questions or thoughts. Thank you for holding your leaders up in prayer as they wrestle with these difficult subjects, trying to discern the Lord's will.


Board of Elders Focuses on Strengthening Worship Ministry

The Board of Elders created a Worship Ministry Assistant position; the Board is in the process of bringing Steve White into this new position. The part-time position will fall under Pastor Jeff's oversight and will include responsibility/oversight for the planned "Live Streaming" ministry. Pastor Jeff will also take on additional responsibility in worship planning and hymn/music selection. The Worship Ministry Assistant will also help identify and support a new Choir Director and part-time organist. The Board of Elders plans to continue ILC's rich traditional hymnody and choral ministry, while also expanding Worship Ministry into "Live Streaming." Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated!


It's good to be Family when it's the Lord's Family!  There are a number of other ministry updates for your prayerful consideration.


Word Ministry

We wrap up our Easter Season Series, entitled, "Jesus' Sightings" next week, after which we will celebrate the festival of Pentecost on May 31st. The plan for the summer is to return to the assigned (pericope) readings for the season of Pentecost. We are up to 145 subscribers to our Island Lutheran Church YouTube page.  Praise the Lord!  We also had 3,730 views of worship services, devotionals, and children's messages during the month of April.  


Sacrament Ministry

Spots are available to receive the Lord's Supper this Saturday or Sunday through Signup Genius. The Lord's Supper will be offered next on June 6/7. 


Family Connection Ministry

Our weekly phone calling of members continues to be blessed! Please find the latest Prayer List attached below. Yesterday, Rich Williams shared the news of his mother's "arrival with the Lord" (Rich's words).  We give thanks for the life and witness of Maureen Williams and look forward to joining with her and all those who have died in our Lord Jesus.  


Sam and I were blessed to have dinner with Lyn and Sharon Nickleson tonight; what a delightful couple. They are preparing to head to Illinois in a couple weeks. Please keep them in your prayers.


Speaking of prayers, word just came to me from Marga and Karl Ziegler; they have been blessed with a new great grandson, Levi. He is premature and is being cared for in NICU. Pray for the little one who is, in Marga's words, "in the Lord's Hands."


Thank you, also, for holding up Rick and Dee' Kantorowicz's daughter, Tanya, in prayer. She continues to face health challenges; however, Tanya has experienced some good news as well!


Financial Ministry

Thank you for your ongoing faithfulness in financial offerings. Congregational fiscal reports will be forthcoming. The Elders, due to the special gifts to the COVID19 and Member Helping Member Funds, continue to provide financial assistance to ILC Family members in distress, as well as to community projects (e.g. PEP). Please send suggestions of families or organizations that would benefit from financial assistance to Head Elder Dave Grandt.


Communication Ministry

Phil & Brenda Burden are retiring at the end of May as the Top Dog/manager of the ILC Comfort Dog Ministry.  They will however continue as one of Zoara’s handlers as will the rest of the trained handlers.  They both started this ministry at ILC and have managed it for many years and it has become one of the most successful LCC Comfort dog ministries in the nation.  When you see them next, please thank them for their years of service.   We still however need someone to take over the Top Dog position.  This is a great time to take over and learn that position as we slowly  increase our activities when allowed.With the Covid-19 outbreak, we were forced to stop all ministry visits with Zoara Comfort Dog  because most of the people we visit are in the vulnerable group.  But we are ready to go when the various facilities allow us to  return. Each of Zoara’s handlers still continue to train with her weekly to insure  she and they are ready to continue when the situation allows.  During our weekly training sessions, we do occasionally run into people (at a safe distance) who we tell about the ministry. 


Did you hear about the ILC Preschool Joy Parade? Read about it and other exciting Preschool Ministry activities in the attached Preschool Ministry doc.  The Lord continues to use our Preschool Ministry in wonderful ways!


We are blessed to be family... in the Lord!


"knowing and sharing the joy of salvation through Jesus Christ"

 President Terry, Head Elder Dave, and Pastor Jeff

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